Denmark & Sweden

Copenhagen Central Station

Central station from outside
Opposite the Central Station there is a famous amusement park…
… called “Tivoli”
City Hall of Copenhagen

One of many beautiful churches…
Wow I have found cycle rickshaws in Europe! :)
Looks pretty much like the bakeries in Germany…
Hmm interesting :)

Hmm could be a place for me :)
Did you know I have a shop in Copenhagen? ;)

Leaving Copenhagen for Sweden…

View from the window when crossing the famous Øresund bridge over the sea with the train…

It was opened only in 2000 and is 7,845 metres long

Malmö Central Station
European “Street Food” haha ;)
I love book shops :)
Central Station from outside

Car of a flower shop…
Town Hall of Malmö
Monument on a square
Decoration on the square…
Shop with “Indian style” clothes
Opening hours are written in Devanagari imitation script


These are the clothes they are selling…


Hmm interesting monument :)


Another bookshop…
… with books about Sweden
Perfect connection – a book written by a guy from Malmö who has been to India… :)

The title means “Delhi’s most beautiful hands”

From here on Kristianstad:

In Balsgård near Kristianstad there is the reserach institute for genetics & plant breeding

by my university

Typical Swedish forest
Decoration in Kristianstad
Way to the Biosphere Reserve
Visitor centre of the Biosphere Reserve
Here you can press a button and see different kinds of fish
Lots of Swedish fish names…

Cherry blossoms, spring is coming…
Main pedestrian area
Did I mention that I like book shops? ;)
“Wecolme to the toilet” ;)
Different teas in a coffee shop
The library of the institute
Beautiful wall painting in the staircase
Sign in front of the door

(“växtförädling” = “plant breeding”)

Nearby village Church
Typical Swedish red house :)
Mmh seems like many people are living here… ;)
Sweden has many many paths for walking through the nature…
Sunset over the roofs…
Beautiful moss on wood…

 From here on pics from “my” village (Lomma):

Our student accomodation (to the right)
Our shared kitchen

Cleaning schedule – no worries I was alone in a very idle week ;)
My room :)
Former train station building… not in use anymore
Bike shop – important in Sweden!
Spring is everywhere…

Many houses here have pretty big windows…

Typical Swedish small house (used for garden utensils etc)
Lilli’s dreamhouse :)

As I said, big windows… :)
Leaving the village, heading to university…
Building on university campus
Part of the campus park
Beautiful feather I saw
SLU = Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences)

“Mat” = “food”, “Djur” = “animals”, “skog” = forest”, “land” = “countryside”, “stad” = “city”

Map of the campus park
Bicycle air pump (in front of the library) must not be missing in Sweden :)
Inner courtyard of administration buildings
The library
Agro-ecology mate Harilaos (from Greece) & me

Sorry 4 dupatta misuse :p

Main entrace to the library and administration building
In the lecture building a place to warm up food in microwaves

In fact people boil water for tea in microwaves here :)

The “Alnarp castle”

Many more pics of the campus…

Nice spot to eat lunch
Most plants and trees have little signs with botanical names
The university restaurant

Some Swedish sweets..
Vegetarian dishes
When I took the pics someone told me I can also take the printed sheets ;)
Prices not comparable to Germany!
The seaside at Lomma
Also from here I can see the Øresund bridge to Denmark
I like the Swedish designs of milk and yoghurt
Typical Swedish bread (very hard and crispy)
“Fika” (coffee break) during the Agroecology Day
Pic from one of the lectures on the Agroecology Day
Group picture – from left to right:

Me, Magnus (Norway), Fabian (Namibia), Sherif (Egypt), Fernando (Italy),

Faraz (Pakistan), someone not in our course, Harilaos (Greece), Robert

(half Scottish half Swedish) and someone else who is not in our course

Pics from Dinner at Lomma:

Still in my room…
Sorry again not wearing Western clothes… ;)
Studious me… ;)
Robert and people from my hostel

The amazing salad was brought by Robert & his friend

Busie helping herself to Salad, next to her Robert’s friend from Stockholm

The big pot is the Biryani made by Sanil & me and in the bowl there is my Raita :)

Fabian to the right, next to him an Italian guy from my hostel, next to him Sherif, then two

German girls & a German/Venezualian guy from my hostel

This is an Egyptian dish brought by Sherif (made from beans)
My plate – someone had even brought Chapati! :)

Busie had brought corn cobs as a dish from Swaziland

The whole dinner group

Hej så länge & många kramar :)



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  1. Monika says:

    What a beautiful life :)

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