I have been to my beloved Stockholm again… this time to attend a seminar with the title “100% agroecology will feed the world!” which was really fantastic! Two of my fellow students were also there, Robert & Charilaos. Thanks also to my Couchsurfing host Samuel to have me stay these few days with him. Now see some pics after enjoying a poem by a friend from Delhi which I found perfect for a travel blog :)

Travel by Train

As the train pulls away from the station one feels like leaving behind something, someone behind.

When the steam catches up and the train rolls on the tracks, as the acres of fields; all same height and uniform color move past, I look forward to new meetings and new locations…

Life is like a passenger in a train where you don’t get to speak to the driver. You slow down with the train and sprint forward when the drive is accelerated.

You tune in with the train, you leave behind the worries at the station, and you celebrate the bondage with life as with the train. What you get is fate accepted with grace and who you meet are co travelers, those whom you don’t meet do not matter.

Clean green fields and dark dirty barren land look alike as long as you are in a moving train. Alike because they give a sense of being transient and so you do not weigh one heavier than other good or bad, Happiness or Sorrows

This planet our home is a moving vehicle that takes us nowhere but yet gives us the glimpses of a “life time”.

Marvel the experience; laugh, cry and embrace as you steam up from a child to a grown up, from a sapling to a banyan, knowing that life never ends at “a” destination. So there is nothing to gain or lose.

Life is constantly moving never the past revisits nor does future stay. What counts is what we feel out of our journey, that which we make of our feeling. The journey is common to all.

– Peeyush Garg

Sthlm finally has me back… :)

Some daring people trying to beat the current…
“Riksdag” (Parliament)

Bridge leading into the Old City…

Entrace to the Old City… as all districts of Stockholm it is on a small island…

“Drottninggatan” means “Queen Street” in Swedish
Sign at a construction site saying “How looooong that takes”…;)

Metro of Stockholm

Typical Swedish breakfast offer with coffee and cinnamon roll (“kanelbulle”)
Typical Swedish sweet called “Polkagris” (peppermint flavoured candy)

Ha ha ha … the ultimate connection, only one “h” missing ;)

Old Map of Scandinavia

German advertisement in a pharmacy for some ointment…
text at bottom says “obvious benefit for my bum” :)

I love the wideness of Stockholm

Interesting Statue…
Coffee from Panamá :)

Robert took me to a cafe of friends where the barista knew how to make

these beautiful patterns with the milk…

A tunnel in the city we had to walk through to get to the seminar…
Beginning of the seminar…

Nick Nuttall, Spokesperson for the UN Environment Programme headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya
(He suggested inventing a “meat patch” corresponding to the “nicotine patch” in order to stop people from eating meat ;))
A Swedish politician who talked… well, like a politician ;)
Sue Edwards from Ethiopia (Institute for Sustainable Development),an amazing lady full of energy…

Fika (coffee break)
Coffee, tea, organic kanelbullar & biscuits and fruits
Johanna Björklund from Örebro university

Chito Medina from an NGO on the Philippines

Hans Herren from Switzerland – president of the Washington-based Millennium Institute and he formerly co-chaired the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD)
A good scheme, even if not new…
The speakers answering questions from the audience…
Swedish cakes… “Princess” is very famous in Sweden… (covered by green marcipan)
Charilaos pitied the Olive trees which have been kidnapped to chilly Sweden…
Charilaos in the café where we went after the seminar
Me & Robert
Dinner of me & my host Samuel
His kitchen was perfectly equipped in IKEA style :)

All the best!



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