Gracias, Dhanyavad, Спасибо !

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog entry. I have spent more than four months in India now and the last few weeks I have been staying in “Aurovalley Ashram”, which I had got to know during my first India visit.

I have made very good friends here, especially Valentina from Russia and Angela from Colombia. Valentina is one of the strongest ladies I know and also cheerful, honest and very helpful. Also she has the most beautiful blue eyes I have come across in a lady. Angela has got very beautiful eyes as well and she is so sincere and at peace with herself that it is just a pleasure to be in her company. I am very grateful to these friends that they have helped me a lot and at the same time provided me with examples of the kind of person I want to be and can be. I have been thinking a lot about how lucky I have been in my life so far, and how lucky I am right here and now, just to be healthy, still be young, feel no pain, have water and food.

Today I took a walk to Raiwala, the nearby town, with Angela again and this time we stopped at a fabric shop and bought some fabrics and brought them to a tailor whom I already knew. He asked me what style of dress I would like him to make and took my measures and said he can make the clothes until the 14th of July. I said unfortunately I am about to leave, can he also do it until tomorrow? “Tomorrow?” Typical Indian humble smile and headshake. Ok then, tomorrow.






Youngest Ashramite


Village surroundings


With Diana, best yoga teacher

IMG_3807 IMG_3821 IMG_3838 IMG_3843 - CopyIMG_3865With Angela & Valentina


One thought on “Gracias, Dhanyavad, Спасибо !

  1. Thank s to YOU, for all those beautiful words.I enjoyed days in ashram with you too. Keep smiling!!!!

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